Just Declared


Congrats, you are now a Comparative Literature major! 

Learn how to make the most of your program below.

Recommendations in Planning your Major or Minor

1. Become familiar with the Registrar - Majors and Minors Definition of Requirements

  • Some programs require specific courses to be taken only at Barnard
  • There is a maximum number of courses that may be taken outside of Barnard/Columbia: Receiving External Credits
  • Requirements depend on the minor or major 
    • Minors require at least 5 courses
    • Majors require 10 courses or more, in most cases

2. When to meet with the Chair

  • Declaring your major
  • To introduce yourself
  • To decide, with the help of the Chair, on an appropriate advisor
  • To ask any questions you may have about the major

3. When to meet with your advisor

  • During Program Planning
  • To determine the most appropriate courses specific to your Program
  • Address questions concerning the overall selection of courses 
  • To talk about literature
  • To discuss any questions or concerns regarding your coursework