Comparative literature is dedicated to the study of literature in an international and interdisciplinary context.  Majors read widely across periods, genres, and national traditions. They study literature and culture from various parts of the world to develop knowledge and critical understanding of how cultures differ from as well as connect and interact with one another through the medium of artistic expression. They study theoretical approaches - traditional and contemporary, ancient and modern - to literature and other media and examine the relationship of literature to other fields and disciplines in the arts and sciences.  The program offers majors the opportunity to design individual programs of study across languages, cultures, and media in keeping with their particular linguistic capabilities and intellectual goals.

Courses in translation and the minor in Translation Studies allow students to develop the ability to work with and across languages and to reflect critically on the theory and history of translation and the role of translation in bridging literary traditions and connecting cultural worlds.
Comparative Literature & Translation Studies
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Department Assistant: Sondra Phifer


NEW Course for SP18!
Dada and Surrealism
M/W 4:10-5:25pm
Professor Caroline Weber
Satisfies a GER!




National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan
July 2 - August 10, 2018
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