Senior Thesis Archive

Year Student Title
2018 Abeyta, Danielle Luz The Moral Anarchist: Reckoning with Violence, Anarchism, and Nihilism in late Nineteenth- to mid-Twentieth Century Literary Narratives
2018 Ausseil, Rebecca The Crypt, the Opening, and Intersemiotic Translation: Reading Derrida's Glas as a Text on Translation
2018 Schweitzer, Elizabeth The Beauty is the Beast: Feminity and its Grotesque Doubles in Leonora Carrington's "La Débutant" and Carlos Fuentes' "La Muñeca Reina"
2018 Shan, Tina Zhuangchen Voicing Silence: A Conversation Between Maurice Blachot, Nathalie Sarraute, and Virgina Woolf
2017/18 Fujioka, Kanako Martyrdom, Masculinity, and the Motherland: Constructing Postwar Japanese Identity through Self-Sacrifice in Patriotism (1966) and Extreme Private Eros Love Song (1974)
2017 Al-Murad, Maryam The Politics of Representation: Formulations of Self and Other in Heart of Darkness and Seasons of Migration to the North
2017 Gliklad, Kristina Absurdism is the New Humanism: A Journey from the Death of God to the Russian Soul
2017 Kennedy, Falls A Sound Translation: Using Sound Notation Techniques to Translate Ana Maria Matute's "El rey de los zennos"
2016 Belghiti, Zineb Desire and Jouissance in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway and Marguerite Duras’ Le Ravissement de Lol V. Stein
2016 Cassens, Chloe Always Crashing In The Same Car: The Rhetoric of Drug Addiction, Detoxification, and Rehabilitation in Jean Cocteau’s Opium and Thomas De Quincey’s Confessions of an English Opium Eater
2016 Fazli, Jessamine A Philosophy across Borders and Imagined Realities: How Persian Literary Humanism met the 18th-Century French Enlightenment
2016 Gester, Kate Ghosts of the Past: Myth, Fiction, and History in Absalom Absalom and Cien años de soledad 
2016 Gorla, Erasmia The Wicked Witch: Exploring Medea, Sula, and Tituba as Figures of Deviance and Non-Normativity
2016 Kalikoff, Eva Rejecting or Accepting Jewishness in Immigrant Life: Language, Class, and Identity in Henry Roth’s Call It Sleep and Irène Némirovsky’s David Golder
2016 Lee, Joo Kyung Foreign Flowers: Understanding Exile through the Young Female Experience
2016 Mahoney, Alice The Existential and Psychoanalytic Self: A Lacanian Reading of Albert Camus' L'Étranger and Ernesto Sábato's El Túnel
2015 Chen, Fangdai For the gardens at Jo-run are full of new nightingales: Western Modernism's Literary Encounters with China in Ezra Pound's Cathay and Victor Segalen's Stèles
2015 Diez de Baldeon Cerv, Laura  Cruelty, Literature and Survival in Edgar Allan Poe and Villiers de l'Isle-Adam
2015 Leventhal, Cassidy Interpreting Ethics: Genesis, Ontology, and the Other in Emmanuel Levinas and Lord Byron
2015 Schwarz, Rebecca  Feral, Feminine, and Ferociously Fluid: Multiplicities of Being in the Works of Djuna Barnes and Leonora Carrington
2015 Villodas, Lauren The Individual as an Aggragate: Approaching Identity Beyond Postmodernism in Don DeLillo's White Noise and Michel Houellebecq's Les Particules elementaires
2014 Albir, Manuela The Codes of Sentimentality in 19th Century French and Italian Literature
2014 Pagni Sitta, Ludovica Reinventing Language: The Dream of a Universal Language in Il Sorriso Dell'Ignoto Marinaio and Midnight's Children
2014 Strawn, Juliana Russian and American Modernisms: Acmeism, Futurism, and Imagism
2014 Whitlum-Cooper, Jessica Modernism, Metafiction and Murder: Flann O'Brien The Third Policeman and Miguel de Unamuno Niebla
2013 Allen-Mossman, Anayvleyse Circling the Void: Power and Dysfunction in Boca de lobo and Extension du domaine de la lutte
2013 Borgman, Jordan Lee This is the Opressor's Language, Yet I Need It to Talk to You: Power and Voice in English and Marathi in Maharashtra
2013 Fanboy-Labrenz, Marin Gifts of Breath and Skin:  Animations and Materialization of the Signifying Body in Lispector's Um sopro de vida (pulsações) and Almodóvar's La Piel Que Habito
2013 Heyison, Brenda Claire How Journalism Shaped the Arab Spring:  Comparative Representations of the Self-Immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi in French and Arabic Media
2013 Kassapidis, Vickie The Post-9/11 Production in Greece and in the U.S.: The poetic response from the collection 110 Stories New York Writes after September 11 and Yiannis Efthumiadis' collection "27 or the man who falls
2013 Lytle, Phoebe Daughters to the Mother(land): The Dilemma of Recognition I Luis Rafael Sánchez's La Pasión Según Antígona Perez and Mona Hatoum's Measures of Distance
2013 Rogers, Ray Expanding Boundaries through Language: Jean Toomer's Cane and Aimé Césaire's Cahier d'un retour au pays natal
2013 Rossiter, Jacqueline R. Many-Headed Monsters: Subject Formation, Hybridity and Non-Representational Politics
2013 Stein, Rachael Gothic Feminism and Female Power:  A Study of Brontë's Wuthering Heights, McCullers' Reflections in a Golden Eye and Allende's La casa de los espríritus
2012 Baron-Moore, Diana Narrating Evil: 20th Century Detective Novels of England and the Southern Core
2012 Casa, Olivia Modernist Montage and the Crisis of Representations: A Comparative Study of John Dos Passos's USA and Carlos Fuentes's La región más transparente
2012 Delsener, Mary St Katherine of Alexandria: Sainthood, Self, and Society Through Text
2012 Fourteau, Rebecca Three walks through Paris: illegibility of the city in Baudelaire, Aragon and Rilke
2012 Gittleman, Marlena Reinventing Exile:  The Semiotics of Postmodernism in Vladimir Nabakov's Lolita amd Roberto Bolaño's Los detectives salvajes
2012 Kaufman, Kaitlin The Crisis of the Artist in Honoré de Balzac's The Unknown Masterpiece and Henry James' The Madonna of the Future
2012 Margulies, Hadas Inanimate Imagination:  How the Puppet Theatres of Zurich and New York Toppled Cultural Walls
2012 Newman, Lena Border Crossings: Translation and Resistance in Renè Philoctète's Le Peuple des Terres Mêlées
2012 Parent, Elissa The Representation of Nature in Romantic Poetry and Prose
2012 Wallace, Lisanna The Representation of Art in Nineteenth Century French and English Literature
2012 Wang, Shaowei (En)gendered through the Other (Space): Locating Shaonian China in Late Qing “Women Warrior” Fiction and Shōjo Japan in the Yaoi genre
2011 Atkinson, Shira Feminisms of Second Class Citizen and Une si longue lettre
2011 Daly, Emelyn "Translating" Liminal Realities: The Imaginative Subject in the Lyric Poetry of Paul Eluard and the Short Fiction of Julio Cortázar
2011 Davis, Rebecca The Writing of Words, Images, and Bodies: A Theory of Pleasure Across Genres
2011 Hirshman, Nora Before the Law, Between the Lines: Representations of Power and Knowledge in short Modernist Prose
2011 Itzkoff, Sarah Representation and Rivalry in Two Fin-de-Siècle Decadent Novels
2011 Jones, Melanie Demons of the Pit" and "Mon Bon Ange": The Foreign Female in Nineteenth-Century British and French Literature
2011 Malawar, Michelle Warlike Texts, Rebellious Texts”: Writing the Feminine in Marguerite Duras’s Le Ravissement de Lol V. Stein and Djuna Barnes’s Nightwood
2011 Meyers, Penelope (De)allegorizing Antigone: A New Reading of Jean Anouilh’s Antigone and Athol Fugard’s The Island
2011 Smith, Madelin Indeed I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death: Meursault, Mouth, and the Via Moderna
2009 Albanese, Mary Grace The failure of representation: abyssal narratives in James' The Sacred Fount and Balzac's Louis Lambert
2009 Boggs, Alexandra how to burn maps/…becoming…/the (in)visible text/…becoming…/they told us stories/…becoming…/open rings/…becoming…/…the kiss…: a "Post Modern" talk of revolutions, bodies, words, and worlds
2009 Cespedes, Helen The Whole and its Many Moving Parts: Remapping the Bilungsroman in Noir and Middlemarch
2009 Conneighton, Maeve Searching the City: Flânerie in Joyce's Ulysses and Proust's Du Côté de Chez Swann
2009 Francis, Tiara The Liminal Self in the Age of "Harmonization and Dissonance": Reconciling Identity in La Haine and This is England.
2009 Krishok, Timea Meiko The Theory and Practice of "our difficult becoming…": Storytelling and Orality in tye Postcolonial Caribbean
2009 Pederson, Meg I do not fear ghost:  The Liminal Spaces of Dream, Death, Body in Katherine Anne Portar's "Pale Hourse, Pale Rider" and Marguerite Yourcenar's Feux
2009 Seldin, Erica Building Nature, Building Nation: The Poetry of Walt Whitman and André Bello
2009 Wells, Hallie A Culture of Messages: Slam Poetry, Community, and Individuality in Madagascar
2008 Borkowski, Mary Elizabeth A Platform and a Couple of Passions: Jakob Bidermann's Cenodoxus and Frank Wedekind's Erdgeis / Die Büchse der Pandora
2008 Li, Janet The City That Won't Let Go: The Cultivation of Hong Kong Subjectivity from 1984-1997 in History's Fiction and Chungking Express
2008 Najem, Maria Edgar Allen Poe, Nikolai Gogol, and the Growth of Periodicals in the Nineteenth Century
2008 Pearlman, Hillary Nuruddin Farah's Gifts + Nicolás Guillen's Diario que a Diario: Cutting up Newspapers, Unlocking Spaces, Pasting Words, and Emerging Voice, Song, and Story
2008 Sheffler, Susan Bridging Binaries, Building Return and Constructive Identities: The Power of Women's Myths in Ovid, Boccaccio, and Calvino
2008 Vick, Judith B. Across From Hiawatha's Tent: Mul Ohel Timmura
2008 Wildman Wade, Elizabeth Strange New World: Writing (Through) Tijuana
2007 Downs, Abigail Unveiling Utopia: Fictional Testimony in the Bildungsroman, Their Eyes Were Watching God and La nada Cotidiana
2007 Kazhdan, Abigail The Account of a Ruined Woman in Anna Karenina & Madame Bovary
2007 Looney, Rosamund Diverse Identities in Germany: Contemporary Turkish-German Film and Literature
2007 Reynolds, Aline Examining the Painted Word: An Analysis of Selected Folksongs and Lieder by Ludwig Van Beethoven and Frantz Schubert
2006 Bezirdjian, Melina Poets and Playas:  Dante, OutKast, and the Poetics of Alienation
2006 Carley, Erica Literary Independence: Pablo Neruda, Aimé Césaire and the Quest for an Alternative Literary Tradition
2006 Gillies, Ariana Fairy Tales and Orientalism: Representation of the Imaginary
2006 Golestaneh, Seema Writing Towards Silence: An Inquiry into the Thematics of Paradox and Formlessness in the French and Persian Literary Avant-Garde
2006 Kelly-Nacht, Zoe Joyce and Eliade, O'Flaherty, Ford and Carpentier
2006 Krinsky, Lisa La Lengua de la Danza: a Comparison of Flamenco Dance and Spanish Writings in Illustrating Dance as a Language
2006 Straus, Jennifer Recovering the Whole Self: Censorship and Obscenity in Madame Bovary, Les Fleurs du Mal, The Picture of Dorian Gray and Ulysses
2006 Tollosa, Jigsitu Lost in Translation (Nabokov)
2005 Coleman, Tara Borderline Nationalism: The Power of Literature to Negotiate the Nation in Transnational Modernism
2005 Hogan, Louise The Work of Ousmane Semebene as Political Commentary: Women, Modernity, Sovereignty in African Film
2005 Kalamakis, Nassia Alternating Narratives and Determining Approaches
2005 Leal, Angeli Naming and Overdetermination: A Study of Absalom, Absalom! and Cien años de Soledad
2005 Nicolazzo, Sarah "I am not I, pitie the tale of me": Love as self-obliteration and the staging of textual function in Astrophil and Stella, Edward II, and  DieLeiden des jungen Werther
2004 Flamm, Melanie Jessica Evading Trauma: Re-Victimization and Complicit Viewing in Schindler's List
2004 Mimran, Masha The Coming of "The End": The Novel and Narrative Striptease
2004 Weber, Rachel Soldiers at the Front: The Effects of War on the Individual
2003 Baker, Allison Writing for a Helen: The Inscription of Desire in Omeros and Don Quixote
2003 Gasparetto, Suzanna Perspectives in Time and Space in Marcel Proust's A la Recherche du Temps Perdu in the Works of Jorge Luis Borges
2003 Lee, Diana Screenwriters and Their Roles in Adaptations From Novels to Films 
2003 Mamdani, Zehra The Construction, Codification and Creation of Language: Premchand & the Hindi/Urdu Language Debate
2003 Mamelok, Laura Between Mechanism and Spontaneity: the Melancholy Buffoon in Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot and Jean-Luc Godard's Pierrot le Fou
2003 Marchiori, Giulia Diagnosing the Human Condition: Boccaccio, Camus, and Saramago's Treatments of Community and Lucidity
2003 McConnell, Meaghan Film in Translation: Derrida's Des Tours de Babel and Atom Egoyan's Calendar
2002 Aviles, Victoria Jorge Luis Borges: the Translator of "Song of Myself"
2002 Kalamakis, Irini The Cavafian Graveyard and Its Mode of Extreme Translation
2001 Bevington, Rickey When Walking: Reverie
2001 Chun, Maureen Paul Celan and Translation: Reconceptualizing the Carrying-Through
2001 Dewan, Sonya Female Excision in Francophone Africa
2001 Perez, Milena Theories of Language in the Works of Jorge Luis Borges and Italo Calvino
2001 Rogers, Charlotte A Cross-Cutlural Study of Bereavement in The Catcher in the Rye and No One Writes to the Colonel
2001 Schabloski, Alyssa L'Ajustement Cultural de la Vie Feminine a Abidjan
2001 Skubikowski, Anna Representations of the Italian Immigrant in the Novelistic Output Surrounding Italian Migration to Argentina
2001 Varlet, Camille The Gitana: Thief of Identity and Social Liberator
2001 Yamamoto, Miyabi The Many Faces of Kaguya-hime
2000 Barchfield, Jenny El Sujeto Floreciente: Expresiones de la Sexualidad Naciente en Textos del Personaje Adolescente Femenino
2000 Brownell, Jean Blair  The Literary Kinship Between Don Quixote and Lolita
2000 Chase, Liz The Poetic Polis: Towards a Revolutionary Criticism 
2000 D'Ambruoso, Sarah The Way to K.: Architecture, mise-en-abime, and the Transmission of Knoweldge in Kafka's The Trial
2000 Jordan, Bianca Shadows of Happiness: A study of Sentimentality in Great Expectations and Madame Bovary
2000 Keister, Mallika Pierrotic Pantomime in Nineteenth-Century Paris
2000 Lee, Kylene Aime Cesaire: The Historical Significance of His Theater and His Role in the Movement of la Negritude.
2000 Mishiwiec, Denise Modern Myth Making in Soviet and American Literature: Fyodor Gladkov's Cement and Ernest Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls
2000 Nizami, Amber Martyrs of Love: The 'Udhri Romance of Majnun Layla in Arabic, Persian & Urdu Poetry
2000 Reich, Liz The Terms of Testimony: The Delivery of No Common Place: The Holocaust Testimony of Alina Bacall-Zwirn
2000 Rosenberg, Idra Different Shades of Exile: The Experience of Exile in the Literature of James Baldwin and Carlos Cerda
2000 Tropper, Hadassah A Woman of Valor
1999 Ekberg, Johana Rainer Werner Fassbinder: A Nation's Clown or Critic?
1999 Hollander, Noemi Metapoetry in the Lyrical Tradition: Catallus's Carmina 64 and Tennyson's "The Lady of Shalott"
1999 Liviakis, Christina Orality, textuality, and violence in Cretan mantinathes
1999 Rosenberg, Yael David and Draft: A Jewish Child's Coming of Age
1999 Tavis, Jennifer Vernacular Eloquence: Arnaut Daniel & the Critical Tradition
1999 Walsh, Lauren Italian Futurist Manifestors: Literary Style and Technological Implications
1998 Becker, Caroline The French Approach to America and its Literature: The Novel Between 1920-1960
1998 Bodemann-Ostow Strangers in a Strange Land: Life in the Colonies as Portrayed by Albert Camus, Phyllis Shand Allfrey, and Marguerite Duras 
1998 Reid, Rachel Word: Toward a Poetics of Performance Poetry
1998 Tronrud, Wendy A translation of space(s)
1998 VandenBroek, Kate Reconciling Personal Identity and the Politics of Sexuality: Keun, von Sternberg, and the Performance of Gender
1997 Chaker, Anne-Marie Liberte, Egalite, Feminite: The Influence of George Sand's Nineteenth Century Feminist Discourse on Gertrudis Gomez de Avellaneda
1997 Critchell, Vanessa The Flaneur Figure as Painter and Poet: A Rendering of Modernity in 1860s Paris
1997 Newbold-Stein, Anna Transforming the Shadowy Passage of French Symbolism: Arthur Symons
1996 Kazakina, Katya Russian Futurism in Poetry and Painting