Major Requirements

Declared Majors

To enter the program, a student must normally have completed the required sequence necessary for entry into the advance literature courses of her major program. This varies from language to language; students should consult the chair. Each student, after consultation with the chair, chooses an adviser from one of her two fields of concentration in a language. This adviser guides her in developing a sequence of courses appropriate for her goals in the major.

For your convenience, please use the Major Planning Map form as a guide.

Students are required to take the following Twelve (12) courses:

  • CPLT BC3001: Introduction to Comparative Literature
  • One (1) course in "Topics in Comparative Literature"
  • Six Courses = Three (3) courses in each of two (2) distinct literary traditions* studied in the original language ​
  • Three (3) Elective courses in Literature, of which:
    • ​One (1) pre-modern
    • Two (2) open choices
    • These 3 courses must be comparative or theoretical in nature.
  • CPLS BC3997: Senior Seminar

Students who wish to major in Comparative Literature, but who for valid reasons wish to pursue a program at variance with the above model, should consult the Chair.


Important note about Study Abroad:

If you plan on spending part or all of junior year abroad, plan to take the “Introduction to Comparative Literature” (CPLT BC3001) during the second semester of your sophomore year. This means contacting the director of Comparative Literature program during the first semester of your sophomore year. If you have further questions regarding studying abroad, the Senior Thesis process and its parts, please contact the Chair of Comparative Literature.