Through parallel readings of exemplary texts from several literatures, the Comparative Literature and Translation Studies Program aims at a deeper understanding of the differences and similarities among individual works and aesthetic concepts; authors or movements; theories and intellectual contexts; or forms, and genres from a critical perspective. As such, the Barnard faculty offering core courses and electives, which includes members of professorial rank in the foreign languages and English, but also in Africana Studies, Anthropology, Women Studies, and many other programs. For more information on languages or areas of study, please contact the Program Chair Peter Connor.
Comparative Literature Advisors

If you have questions regarding any of the following languages as they relate to Comparative Literature at Barnard College, please contact any of the following Comparative Literature Advisors:

Chair, Comparative Literature & Translation Studies Program
French Department
Milbank 304 pconnor@barnard.edu
German Department
Milbank 320B egrimm@barnard.edu
Brian O'Keeffe
French Department
Milbank 308 bokeeffe@barnard.edu
Comparative Literature & Translation Studies Program
Milbank 312
Nancy Worman
Classics Department
Milbank 217 nworman@barnard.edu
Language Resource Center
The Language Resource Center at Columbia University offers students instruction in the following less commonly-taught languages:
For more information:
353 International Affairs Building